P.S. I Still Love You

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I really enjoyed this! I gave "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" a 3.5 but this one I'm giving a 4 out of 5 to. All of the things that bugged me (especially about Lara Jean) in the first book, were b


etter - AND the author really drove home that she is only 16, and she's making 16 year old choices, which are sometimes hard to grasp especially for me as a 25 year old reader. This is not some epic love story, but just a girl in highschool navigating her first loves. I absolutely adored the conversation she had with her sister about how maybe Lara Jean just loves love.

I was not expecting a new love interest, so that totally caught me off guard - but then I found myself (yet again, like the first book) not really sure who's "team" to be for. By the end I was really worried it wouldn't end how I wanted, because it was SO rushed, but the ending was lovely and I am 100% BEGGING for an epilogue. I would love to see Lara Jean in 10-15 years, the woman she grows to be and the kind of man she ends up with in the end (which I'm pretty certain wouldn't actually be anyone she's met so far in the series haha)

P.S. I Still Love You
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Guest a month ago

This book was sooooooo muuuuuch better than the first one! At first Lara Jean drove me CRAZY, there were tons of things I just hated about her! I even wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading the books but I was so hooked by the story that I just couldn't stop and I'm glad I didn't! I freaking love Peter K.

Guest 2 months ago

Just by the title of the book I wanted to read it for one because I like reading stories like this and for 2 I know how hard it is to loose someone and you love them allot ....But in all it was a really good book.

Guest 2 months ago

I'm so mad at myself for watching the movie before reading the book. I started with P.S I still love you, now I feel like I have to go back and read "To all the boys I've loved before" because these books give me life!!!

Guest 2 months ago

Yeah if I was you I would always read the book first then watch the movie. But you can do what you want it was just a suggestion.

Guest 3 months ago

my heart is dying

Guest 4 months ago

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